This question is asked by every renter before they leave an apartment: “Do I need to clean my apartment before I move out?” It can be easy to assume that you do not need to clean – after all the management company will undoubtedly send someone to clean it. But the real answer is yes, you should clean your apartment before you move out if you want to get your security deposit back. Here are some tips to getting your place ready for inspection:

Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in a home and gets so much use that it will definitely be dirty. Make sure to scrub the sink, clean under the cabinets and dishwasher as best you can, and to wipe out the shelves in cabinets and pantry. You might also run some orange peel down the aerator (garbage disposal) to make it smell clean. Ultimately you want it to appear as if someone could come in and use it that day, and get rid of that pasta stain from 6 months ago.

Bathrooms – These are tough because there are so many little nooks and crannies in bathrooms. It is important to scrub the tub, the toilet and the sink well. You should sweep and mop the floor. And definitely wipe down the counters and mirrors, and try to get soap scum off the sink.

Living Spaces/Bedrooms – There are all about vacuuming. Much of the time they are carpeted, so you need to do a nice job vacuuming. Also make sure to clean off the window sills and the shelves in the closet. Finally, cleaning the inside of the windows is also a nice touch.

Outdoor space – If you have an outdoor space, a nice thing to do is to sweep off the leaves and debris, and make sure the space looks like it’s ready for a party. You also want to touch up any paint that might have chipped badly.

Ultimately you want to prep your house or apartment for a party. Pretend your grandmother is coming over, and you want to make sure she doesn’t think you are a slob. If you do that you will be fine, but remember you can always call Bloomington Housecleaning for a move-out cleaning special and we will be happy to come take care of it for you. Call today!